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Artist Statement

From an early age Eric Kelly loved to draw and craft things. His passion for art led him to spend two years in art school, right after he had finished a sensible college degree. After a run of several intense years of making art while working odd jobs, he attended graduate school in a non-art field and launched a sensible professional career – and his artistic spark dimmed and all but died.
In 2014, his artist self awoke after a 25 year pause, and he discovered the passion was still there. A curiosity to learn how to print images on metal leaf and to work with wooden panels and resin coincided with a new hobby of collecting 19thcentury photography, and quickly the two became creatively intertwined.


Curiously Grim in Marin, The Steampunk Explorer, September 20, 2018.
The Edwardian Ball 2018: Fanciful Fashion, Treasure Hunts and Futuristic Contraptions. SFStation, January 19, 2018.

Relevant Education

Coursework with a focus on drawing & printmaking California College of Arts & Crafts, 1985-1987
BA, Psychology; Senior Thesis: The Psychology of the Artist Dominican College, 1985